About Us

Personalized Artisan-Crafted Mementos
Our memorial bookmarks, service invitations and programs can be customized with a photo, descriptive adjectives, your loved one's favorite quote, and text about his or her life. It is our mission to create beautiful, meaningful mementos that at least in a small way capture the essence of your loved one and his or her personality and values.

Superior Customer Service
We have been providing our exceptional artistry and customer service since 1998. Remembrance Tree Papers is dedicated to quality craftsmanship, on-time or early delivery, attention to details, and to warm and timely communications. We have made every attempt to simplify the ordering of memorial stationery to make customization as easy as possible and to help you to convey exactly what you would like.

Environmental Integrity
Remembrance Tree Papers are created at Twisted Limb Paperworks a carbon-neutral production art studio based in the countryside of South Central Indiana. The paper from which your loved one's memorial cards is made is lovingly crafted using some combination of recycled office paper, junk mail, grocery bags, grass cuttings from our field, and ferns from our woods. No dyes are used to tint the paper. Colors are obtained directly from the materials being recycled. Water used in the paper making process is recycled from the studio's dehumidifiers and air conditioner whenever possible to conserve this essential resource. All envelopes and cardstock paired with our handmade papers are also100% PCW recycled, processed chlorine free and manufactured carbon neutral. Our see-through vellum is 30% PCW recycled and processed without chlorine. 22% of our profits are donated to environmental conservation efforts and community groups each year.

Honoring life, renewing the earth.
You can choose to have wildflower seeds embedded in your memorial cards and thank-you notes so that the paper can be planted and blossom into a miniature garden. When you order memorial stationery products through Remembrance Tree Papers, we will also plant a tree through the organization Trees for the Future in remembrance of your cherished family member. This tree will live on for generations, providing hope, improving the climate, communities, and the environment.

Please visit the Twisted Limb Paperworks website to meet our artists and to learn more about our papers and sustainable business practices.